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What Lies Beneath: Evening Light in Garden by Jonathan Frisby


Evening Light in Garden by Jonathan Frisby

Evening Light in Garden by Jonathan Frisby

Evening Light in Garden by Jonathan Frisby

That back garden? Does it bring comfort and joy or an "I must do something about it" feeling? Jonathan Frisby's back garden in Waterford is in great shape. Have a look. Painted "over a period of three weeks", the rich colours, sensuous brushstrokes create a quiet beauty. Frisby waited for "a similar light effect each evening". He wouldn't use photographs: "Cameras are too shallow. Nothing can replace the subjectivity of an individual and their own perception of reality."

A confident young drawer, his goal was "never to become an artist but to improve my drawing and understanding of the design process". His degree in architecture "played a huge role in my journey. I struggled to combine the opposing factors of form and function and I am still confronted with a similar dilemma in painting".

After Waterford Institute of Technology, Frisby attended The Florence Academy of Art: "A fantastic, challenging experience and so heavily focused on our painting skills that we would forget we were in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, all it would take was a lovely sunset over the Arno to wake us up to the reality of it again." He's done figurative work, a few self-portraits but Frisby has "always been more fascinated by landscape painting and fleeting light effects".

He's painted in Florence, Ischia, and Croatia, but "nothing beats Dunmore East when the sun is shining. My dream would be to venture further and paint watercolours of India and China," watercolours being his preferred medium: "it can be so light and fresh when used outdoors. Oils are heavier; the dark greens and purples of the evening garden scenes were more suited to oils". He loves the Impressionists for "their pure love of paint" but is very open-minded and has now begun to embrace technology and, inspired by Hockney's Tate Britain show, is now drawing on his tablet. Frisby's new exhibition includes beautiful interiors of Waterford's Vintage Tea Rooms. "They have a lovely nostalgic atmosphere about them," says Frisby, "with lots of twilight colours."

Now, where are those clippers?

New work by Jonathan Frisby, Green Fuse Gallery, Westport, until April 15

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