WATCH: Viral video of Irish musicians perform 'Psycho Killer' on their ukuleles

Freya Drohan

Is this the greatest pub singalong ever?

Every Tuesday, a group of equal minded music lovers get together for a ukulele jam session.

The meet up, which takes place in The Stag's Head, kicks off from 8pm and tends to go on until the early hours, according to organiser Mark Mangan.

"Until they pry the ukuleles from our cold dead hands or when Mark kicks us out, whichever comes first," one musician laughed.

"There’s a laid back, welcoming, friendly vibe about the evening, where if you don’t have a ukulele, you may be handed a shaker of some kind or a book of the songs to sing. Oh, it’s free too".

Watch the group perform 1970s classic hit, Psycho Killer, above.