Friday 17 January 2020

Remembering Robin: We ask Dubliners which iconic film is their favourite?

Eoghan McNeill

His Oscar-winning performance as therapist Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting, the almost-totally improvised Genie in Disney’s Aladdin, or Alan Parrish in “RTÉ Big, Big Movie” favourite Jumanji? What’s your favourite Robin Williams film?

That’s forgetting Mrs. Doubtfire, – lauded for its no-happy-ending of a family going through divorce – the tense One Hour Photo, and Hook – the quintessential portrayal of Peter Pan for many young Irish people.

We asked people on Grafton Street, Dublin, what their standout Robin film is.

Disney’s 1997 film Flubber got a couple of nostalgia votes:

“I remember watching that show and just wanting Flubber,” said Roisin O’Carroll from Virginia, United States.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 1997’s Good Will Hunting was a popular choice; “It’s not your fault,” Williams’s comforting words to Hunting considered the standout line.

Jumanji also received its share of votes:

“I think watching Jumanji is my earliest childhood memory Robin Williams. I’m only young, but I think every generation is hurt,” said Lauren Canney, Dublin.

Those who grew up with television show Mork and Mindy (and those whose parents introduced them to reruns of the show) will remember “Nanu-nanu,” the extra-terrestrial’s catchphrase greeting.

Liam Gallagher included the phrase in his tweet of condolence today.

Those a little older will remember trips to the cinema for Mrs. Doubtfire, and Arrested Development’s affectionate parody of the film.

Those a little older still may well have used Good Will Hunting’s “I had to go see about a girl,” to explain an absence.

Lauren may just be right.

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