Tuesday 22 October 2019

Victoria Coren Mitchell: Why I end up eating in the loo at dinner parties

The broadcaster steers clear of ‘quirky’ food.

Victoria Coren Mitchell and David Mitchell (Anthony Devlin/PA)
Victoria Coren Mitchell and David Mitchell (Anthony Devlin/PA)

By Sherna Noah, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Quiz show host Victoria Coren Mitchell admits she takes her own sandwiches to dinner parties – to eat in the loo.

The broadcaster, 46, who is married to actor and comedy star David Mitchell, 44, is “frightened of eating in other people’s houses” in case they cook something “interesting”.

She tells the Off Menu podcast: “I take sandwiches in a bag because people think if you have guests you should impress them with things that are quirky and different.

The Only Connect host said she seeks to balance her husband, who is ‘the politest person in the world’ (Ian West/PA)

“I’m frightened of things that are quirky and different.

“If somebody writes to me and asks, ‘Is there anything you don’t eat?’ What they get back is an essay.

“I will take sandwiches in a bag.”

But the Only Connect host and professional poker player adds: “On most social occasions my husband is there. He is the politest person in the world.

“He would eat the fork if you said it was part of the meal, anything rather than put someone out…

“So I feel I can balance it… I can be his picky wife.”

Ed Gamble and James Acaster with Victoria Coren Mitchell recording the Off Menu podcast (Off Menu)

The mother-of-one adds: “I’d eat the sandwiches in the loo because I’d be hungry. I wouldn’t eat my food in front of people.”

“I’d say, ‘I’m weirdly completely full already. I’ve had two bites and that was amazing. I’m popping to the loo’ and then I’d quickly have a sandwich.”

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