Friday 22 November 2019


We all celebrated Pádraig Harrington's long-awaited victory in a golf tournament (below).


Congrats to Pádraig Harrington on his Honda Classic win. He had this to say "aaaaaa eeh aaah eeaaa aaaa mmm eeem aaaaaaee eeeehh aaah eeh A"

It is surprising Leo Varadkar has time to run a health service when he spends so much time being interviewed.


"Over-35s warned to get health insurance before increase" says Minister. How about "Over-35s demand fit-for-purpose public system" instead?

And people struggled to abstain from their favourite treats


Man says to friend eating a Twix "How's that giving up chocolate for Lent thing going?" ... "Today is 'Twix Thursday', so it doesn't count!"

The British presenter Jon Snow smoked Skunk for a programme and there were calls for an Irish version


We should do an Irish version of #drugslive and get Gay Byrne, a nun and Pat Mustard stoned. #CannabisOnTrial #Science

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