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'Who the f***k are the TV critics?' Craig comes out fighting


Craig Doyle's neighbours in his Co Wicklow village were advised to keep an eye out for the RTÉ presenter this morning after he got strong ratings for his new chatshow.

"The figures are great. I can walk around Enniskerry now with my head held high.

"People have been stopping me in the street saying: 'Thank you so much. On Thursday night I was miserable and you put a smile on my face.'

"There is misery right across this country and we are making people happy," a more-than chirpy Craig told me this week.

And with an average audience of 163,000, Craig Doyle Live is more than well ahead of early pilot The Social which attracted an average of 101,000.

We just hope Craig doesn't bump into any TV critics in Enniskerry, who have been less than happy with the same show.

"The TV critics don't work in television. Who the f*** are they? I don't read any TV critics for the same reason I don't read recipe books by cooks who don't cook. This is about positivity, you can't get caught up in the negative stuff because that's life and that's Ireland," he said.

The only downside is that Craig's bosses in ITV have got wind of his new chatshow.

"I didn't tell them too much about what I was doing in RTÉ, in case they thought I was spreading myself too thin.

"But when Louis Walsh came on the first show and said Britney Spears was going to do American X Factor, that clip ended up on Perez Hilton's website, MTV News and the 64 TV channel across the US.

"ITV saw it on YouTube and said: 'What's this Craig Doyle Live chatshow you're doing?'."

But Craig Doyle Live won't be live at all next Tuesday as the show has been pre-recorded.

Instead, the host will be off competing in the ultimate 'home nations' showdown, in which teams from Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland will run, race, cycle and sail their way over 1,000 miles around the UK and Ireland to raise money for Sport Relief.

The Irish team, which includes Amanda Byram and Diarmuid Gavin, were under starter's orders in O'Connell Street at 7am this morning.

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