Wednesday 13 November 2019

Weather forecaster Audrey McGrath reveals bizarre fan mail

RTÉ weather forecaster Audrey McGrath's fan mail has included a wedding proposal.
RTÉ weather forecaster Audrey McGrath's fan mail has included a wedding proposal.
Weather forecaster Audrey McGrath at the Irish Premiere of 'World War Z', Dublin.
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

She presents the daily gospel that is the weather, but some people’s interest in RTÉ presenter Audrey McGrath goes beyond the forecast reading.

The former Ireland AM presenter has revealed that her fan mail has even included a bizarre wedding proposal.

Speaking to the RTÉ Guide, McGrath said she once received a letter outlining the possible future she could have with the man in question, land and road frontage included.

“I got a few cards last Valentine’s,” Audrey McGrath said.

“One of the cards had all this guy’s details on it. He said that he had land, he had horses and he could look after me no bother. There was a phone number and address and everything.”

Audrey said that she was “freaked out” that the letter-writer must have researched her before he sent the mail. 

“I have an equestrian background so he must have picked up on that,” she said.

“On one level you’re thinking that’s so nice that someone would do that but the other side of me is freaked out a little bit.”

Appearing on live television to present the weather involves more than just reading the forecast, Audrey’s colleague Evelyn Cusack admits.

National TV’s longest-serving weather forecaster described the time she got locked in the bathroom before her TV appearance and her mother had to ring Met Éireann to report her missing.

Cusack was presenting on the popular daytime show Live at 3 at the time when she somehow managed to lock herself into the bathroom.

The weather forecaster was stuck in the small room for two hours, missing her broadcast and having to be saved by newsreader Sean Duignan.

“My late mother, who was watching at home, was quite worried,” Cusack said.

“She rang Met Éireann and they contacted RTÉ but there was no search party sent out!”

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