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'We need to move those deer crossing signs' - Radio clip of ‘Donna the deer lady’ goes viral


A RADIO clip of caller to a radio phone in show missing the point of deer crossing signs has gone viral.

The clip features a woman called Donna complaining about the location of deer crossing signs – which she claimed were encouraging deer to cross in dangerous areas.

She said she had been involved in three separate car accidents due to deer running out onto the road in front of her.

Donna then suggested the signs should be moved to lower traffic areas, where it would be safer for the deer to cross the road.

A concerned Donna also stated it was irresponsible of the local authorities to place the signs in high traffic areas where the deer were likely to be struck by oncoming traffic.

The clearly amused radio host tried in vain to point out the correct purpose of the signs – however Donna failed to understand.

Although the clip is several years old, it has gone viral in the last 24 hours, gaining almost 2m views.

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