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'Vikings' rampage boosts film industry

A €30m TV series to be part- filmed here for the History Channel will chart the Viking rampage through Europe.

The 10-part series Vikings, which has already received pre-production grant aid from the Irish Film Board of €250,000, is an international Ireland-Canada production involving Morgan O'Sullivan's World 2000 company.

Mr O'Sullivan, a veteran of TV and film production, is best known for the hit TV series The Tudors and Camelot but was involved in a co-production capacity on movies including Veronica Guerin and Braveheart.

Accountancy firm Horwath Bastow Charleton is now seeking investors in Vikings under Section 481, the tax-break scheme introduced to promote the film industry here by encouraging investment in Irish-made films which make a significant contribution to the economy.

It is understood that the newly-built €22m Ballyhenry Studios in Ashford, Co Wicklow, will be used during filming with the series due to air in the Summer of 2013.

Sunday Independent