Tuesday 10 December 2019

Video: Simon Cowell thinks Dublin Ryan O'Shaughnessy's Got Talent

Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Singer Ryan O'Shaughnessy
O'Shaughnessy auditions on The Voice of Ireland (left) and Britain's Got Talent (right)

DUBLIN singer Ryan O'Shaughnessy last night made it into the final of Britain's biggest talent show and has been tipped by impresario Simon Cowell to win the competition.

The teenager took to Twitter to thank his fans for their support after he won the public vote on 'Britain's Got Talent' with a self-penned song, 'First Kiss' about his unrequited love for an unnamed girl.

Ryan, who has appeared on RTE soap 'Fair City' and was a member of boyband Mission 4, had been embroiled in controversy after it emerged that he was a contestant on RTE's 'The Voice of Ireland'.

Last weekend he was told by Mr Cowell that he would not be going forward to this week's semi-finals of BGT as he was contracted to Universal through the Irish show. However, the singer/songwriter was able to get himself out of his contractual obligations with the 'Voice'.

After performing his song last night , he was told by judge, comedian David Williams: "This girl who won't go out with you, I don't know who she is but I tell you what, she is doing you a favour because you are writing the most beautiful songs I have ever heard for her."

Simon Cowell got a dig in at The Voice of Ireland who elimiated O'Shaughnessy from the competition. Viewers heard him say: "They didn't put you through?They let you go? That is uncomfortable as their loss is our gain."

O'Shaughnessy who played Mark Halpin in Fair City was the overall winner of last night's competition and went straight through to Saturday night's final.

Ryan will be one of the favourites on Saturday with the winner getting a prize of €600,000 and the opportunity to perform for the Queen of England. Mr Cowell said that last night's winner could "win the whole thing".

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