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Video: Love/Hate dentist bites back at his critics

He has incurred the wrath of dental hygienists and orthodontists across the country.

But Love/Hate’s Peter O’Meara, who plays dentist Andrew in the series, says he’s not concerned about upsetting ‘the National Tooth Fairy Association’.

“Someone approached me the other night and said you know my business partner is a dentist and he’s very upset with you and your portrayal of dentists as being dodgy cowboys, but it’s a character on the show,” Mr O’Meara said.

In the series, Andrew regularly fleeces his clients to fund his love of champagne and low-rent prostitutes.

Earlier this week, the Irish Dental Association said the hit series is not an accurate portrayal of real-life dentists. “It doesn’t bear any similarity to real-life. It is a work of fiction. It’s not a fair representation of working dentists,” the association said.

Booze and hookers to one side, Peter believes malpractice exists in the dental surgery.

“I’ve known dentists to encourage people to get work done that they don’t need.

“People wearing braces or getting fillings they don’t need,” he said.

“Just as there is medical malpractice amongst doctors – it also happens in the dental world. There are dentists who are not entirely pure in their business


He has been in LA for 10 years but flew back to Dublin to film the show.

“Before I moved to LA very little was being made here. In fact, the only person making movies was Jim Sheridan.

“Suddenly we have this blossoming of Irish talent I am amazed at the gifts of Tom Vaughan-Lawlor. I was a big fan of the series and love working on the show; for a very violent and depressing show it’s been a very happy place to work.

“I had this wonderful moment when we were shooting where I thought ‘My God, I’m in Dublin, shooting with an Irish crew and I’m at home making this great story. This is like the dream.’”

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