Friday 22 November 2019

Video: ‘Cold front moving in’ – BBC weather girl’s eye roll goes viral

Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

BBC weather presenter Wendy Hurrell has found herself as the latest viral sensation online, after she was caught rolling her eyes during a live broadcast.

The 31-year-old was delivering the weather on BBC1’s 10 o’clock news last night.

However when she thought the camera was off her she flicked her hair and rolled her eyes in an apparent show of frustration.

Eagle eyed viewers were quick to notice however, with many taking to Twitter to discuss what she was annoyed at.

Many suggested she didn’t like news presenter Riz Lateef, while others simply suggested she was having a bad day at the office.

However the presenter took to Twitter to explain the incident herself – stating that she was frustrated at technical faults which had marred the broadcast.

She said: “The roll of the eyes was because I had to do the whole forecast without being able to see any graphics - it wasn't at Riz Lateef! #techfail”

“And Clearly I was kept cut up in from while I took out my frustration on the nearest and inanimate object (green wall of the studio)”

Newsreader Riz Lateef also backed up Hurrell’s story, tweeting: “Thankfully it was not me phew! she was not impressed with the technical fail of having no weather graphics.”

“Ok so it was one of the more 'interesting' late bulletins shall we say. And your comments made @WendyHurrell and I chuckle.”

The BBC issued a statement confirming the technical fault, adding that it was a teething issue from the re-location to a new studio.

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