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Twitter spat develops over presenter Craig Doyle's 'Irishness' comments


Craig Doyle

Craig Doyle

Journalist Ken Sweeney. Photo: Ken Sweeney/Twitter

Journalist Ken Sweeney. Photo: Ken Sweeney/Twitter

2fm DJ Rick O' Shea

2fm DJ Rick O' Shea


Craig Doyle

A Twitter spat developed this morning between 2fm DJ Rick O’Shea and journalist Ken Sweeney over quotes attributed to Irish TV presenter Craig Doyle.

The presenter was quoted by Ken Sweeney in The Sun newspaper today as saying “I don’t see myself as Irish”.

But in an interview with Rick O'Shea on 2fm after the article appeared, Doyle seemed to take issue with the story and he called it “a hooey”.

This morning, Ken Sweeney took to Twitter to defend his story, and he posted audio of the interview. The audio clip confirmed that the BT Sport presenter had in fact said that he doesn’t see himself as Irish.

In the audio, Craig said: “I don’t even see myself as Irish, in fact people often... Irish people think I’m an Englishman.”

“It would have my grandfather turning in his grave,” the presenter joked.

Sweeney tweeted Rick O'Shea this morning, and appeared to take issue with the fact that his story was called “a hooey”.

The reporter said: “Craig is a lovely guy. Stand over these quotes 100pc. and we reproduced them in full. Thanks for plug Rick”.

“Many have laughed at my ancient taping equipment..but is a nice fall back from time to time journalism students.”

And he told Rick O’Shea - who is filling in for Ryan Tubridy this week - that Craig Doyle is a "nice bloke"

“Fair enough you were quoting Craig in your tweet calling it hooey- BTW He's a nice bloke Craig,” Sweeney tweeted.

The journalist appeared bemused by the disagreement, thanking Rick O’Shea for plugging his article.

He later tweeted: “No one died - except the batteries in my tape recorder. Craig has some big sport news coming up this week”

Meanwhile, this morning Doyle appeared to backtrack when he tweeted: "Let me clarify, I'm Irish and proud of it, don't believe all you read it can be dangerous - go raibh míle maith agat! :)"

Last week, the TV presenter took a brief hiatus from Twitter after Ireland rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll tweeted that he was dissatisfied with a headline on BT Sport in relation to an interview he did with Doyle.

“Brian O’Driscoll on Lions omission”, read the headline. 

O’Driscoll publicly responsed on Twitter: “Thanks for that. One question in an interview & you put it in the headline. Typical … unbelievably annoying headline. So annoyed with it. Who cares any more.”

Doyle subsequently took to the social media platform himself to plead his innocence, blaming someone else for the headline and pointing out that he was a massive fan of O'Driscoll.

"Let me put this straight.The piece is positive as I'm a huge @BrianODriscoll fan. Someone else wrote an incorrect headline. Its sorted. Bye," Doyle tweeted last week.

Later, he realised that he had lost some of his followers because he had suspended his account.

"Warning: When you have a strop and suspend your account you lose all your followers...now how did I find that out????," Doyle tweeted.

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