Monday 23 April 2018

TV of the week

Sarah Caden

Fair City

8.30pm, RTE1

Tommy comes out of hospital to find that his brother Luke has installed a ramp to help him in and out of his house. On the surface, this seems kind, and Tommy's gratitude also seems sincere, but this is not the case. Luke wants Judith to move to Canada with him and knows she won't go if she thinks Tommy's in a bad way, and Tommy makes it clear that he'll kill Luke before he will let Judith leave.

Andy Murray: The Man

Behind the Racquet

10.25pm, BBC1

On the eve of the start of this year's Wimbledon tournament comes this documentary on the tennis champ that Britain struggles to love, thanks to his retiring nature and hot temper. This film follows him around through his training, a hero's welcome in his home town of Dunblane and the painful process of recovery from injury, to reveal something of the man behind the shy exterior.


Greatest Shows on Earth

10pm, Channel 4

Daisy Donovan continues the series that takes a look at what constitutes good telly the world over. It's tongue in cheek, as has been Donovan's MO all through her television career, as she travels to India, where 1.2bn viewers know exactly what they like, and lots of it, with more than 800 TV channels to choose from.

Veronica Guerin: Countdown to an Assassination

10pm, TV3

The screening of this documentary comes two days before the 17th anniversary of Veronica Guerin's murder and it minutely records the Sunday Independent journalist's last day. Step by step, her final movements are recalled, along with those of the people who plotted and perpetrated her killing.


11.25pm, RTE1

Based on the best-selling novels by Craig Johnson comes this new series, ostensibly a serial crime drama, but set in the wild west. Robert Taylor is the Longmire of the title, a likeable sheriff in small-town Wyoming who is recently widowed and keen to throw himself into his work as a result. To kick off, he and his officers (Katee Sackhoff and Lou Diamond Phillips) investigate a local tribal murder.



9pm, RTE2

THE pilot episode of a new legal drama that has a big secret at its heart for the sake of added tension. At the outset, we meet Mike (Patrick J Adams), a smart college dropout whose financial commitments have seen him turn to petty crime for an income. He crosses paths with Harvey (Gabriel Macht), a lawyer with a firm that hires only Harvard graduates and is on the lookout for a new associate. The two click and hatch a plan for the firm to hire Mike and pass him off as a qualified lawyer.

The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne

9.35pm, RTE1

It's a meeting of the heavyweights this week, as Gay sits down with Bono to mull over matters of life, death and faith. It's not the first time these two minds have met but their history only adds to the conversation and if anyone in the world can put Bono on the spot, or reduce him to a small boy again, it's Gay.

Love Your Garden

11.05pm, UTV

In this new series, Alan Titchmarsh goes beyond gardening with the people he meets and focuses on how a love of the outdoors and an understanding of its life-affirming abilities is key to what makes us tick. To begin, he visits a family whose garden has been well loved over the years, though their relationship with it has altered since the man of the house was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.


Horizon: Swallowed by a Black Hole

9pm, BBC2

Before you panic, this is not a programme about how we're all going to die any minute now. Instead, it is concerned with a very specific wonder of the universe, a gas cloud three times the size of our planet, which scientists will be able to observe from here. It's 27,000 light years away, though, so there's really, truly nothing to worry about. Right?

Udar – Jesus, Mary and Mattie

9pm, TG4

Based on the short story Iosagain by Padraig Mac Piarais – yes, that Padraig – this modern take on an old tale tells of Mattie, a widower at the end of his life and suffering from dementia, who sees no hope in his final days. Another chance to catch this heart-warming film, in which Jesus, a boy from Brazil, and Mary, a young girl, bring a bit of light into his life.

Why Am I Single? First Cut

10.35pm, Channel 4

If you haven't noticed by now, Channel 4 is in the middle of something of a matchmaking drive, and in this programme, a pair of strangers, Naomi and Lex, look in to each other's lives in an attempt to establish whether there's a reason that they haven't found love. The thinking is that strangers can see things about ourselves that we cannot, though what they see might not be entirely palatable.


Happy Families

9pm, UTV

In this final programme in the series that examines the state of the family in Britain today, it's the turn of the men to get their spake in. Three very different families make for three very different fathers, one of whom is supporting a family in England as well as family members in his native Pakistan, another of whom is very much an old-fashioned, reliable patriarch and the last is a stay-at-home dad due to redundancy rather than choice.

Eye Spy

10pm, Channel 4

This new series, narrated by Stephen Fry, is a hidden-camera show with a twist. Instead of pulling pranks for the amusement of the victims and viewers, it throws moral dilemmas in the path of unsuspecting people and records how they react. Tonight, among other things, a handbag with £30,000 hanging out of it is left in a phone box and an expensive bike is left unlocked in three different cities, with the aim of determining where it will be robbed first.


Glastonbury 2013 Live

10pm, BBC2

If you have the various BBC channels, there is coverage of this annual music event from every angle, but this channel offers a weekend of general highlights, interviews and some live performance from Eavis's field. Jo Whiley, Lauren Laverne and Mark Radcliffe are on hand to speak to the acts, while there are also clips of the day's best bits and a full set from Arctic Monkeys.

Alan Carr Live: Spexy Beast

11.40pm, Channel 4

Alan Carr takes off his chat-show hat for the summer and returns to our screens with some stand-up comedy, which draws much of its material from his experiences as a chat-show host. In many ways, it's about Carr's lingering disbelief that little-old-he has made it as a celebrity, and much mirth is made of encounters with stars whom he believes to be better, better-looking and, often, extremely Botoxed.


Saturday Night With Miriam

9.40pm, RTE1

Miriam's settled into the sofa now for the second show in her eight-week summer run of conversation and song. In the studio tonight, she has actress Fionnula Flanagan, who is in Dublin to promote her new film, and Killian Donnelly, star of Les Miserables. Music comes from Sadie and the Hotheads, whose lead singer is Elizabeth McGovern, better known as Lady Grantham in Downton Abbey.

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