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TV Highlights Wednesday

The Hunt for the Boston Bombers

Channel 4, 10.00pm

Documentary charting the panic that hit Boston in the aftermath of a bombing at last year's marathon. Three were killed and hundreds injured, and much of the city went into lockdown for days as police and FBI hunted the culprits. The Michael McIntyre Chat Show

BBC1, 11.35pm

The irrepressible Bruce Forsyth joins Michael (right) to talk about his career, 'Strictly Come Dancing' and his forthcoming one-man live show. Other guests include actor James Corden and award-winning artist Tracey Emin. Monkey Planet

BBC1, 9.00pm

In the last part of his series on primates, Dr George McGavin travels to Thailand to observe long-tailed macaques who floss their teeth with hair and use tools to open oysters. And in Uganda he discovers that chimpanzees pass traditions down through the generations. Mad Men

Sky Atlantic, 10.00pm

As the final season of the critically acclaimed drama begins, it's 1969 and the truth is finally out about Don's childhood in a brothel. In tonight's episode, he makes a new friend while Roger receives an odd phone call. John Hamm and Elizabeth Moss (both right) star.

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