Wednesday 11 December 2019

TV Highlights Tuesday

Haywire (2011)


Film Four, 9pm

Partly filmed in Dublin and Wicklow, Steven Soderbergh's clever and knowingly trashy action thriller stars martial arts champion Gina Carano (above) as a government hit woman who goes on the run.

Mallory Kane works for a shady operator called Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), and is sent to Barcelona to free a Chinese dissident. At least that's what she thinks she's doing, but when the job goes wrong she's forced to flee the Spanish city with a gang of spies on her tail.

While no Meryl Streep, Ms Carano has a charismatic screen presence and is utterly convincing as the high-kicking female assassin. Soderbergh shoots and edits with typical skill, a fine cast includes Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas and Michael Douglas, and the fight sequences are some of the best you'll see. Jersey Girl (1993)


Sky Movies Drama, 4.20pm

Kevin Smith's creaky comic drama stars Ben Affleck as Ollie Tinkle, a busy media publicist who is devastated when his beloved wife dies in childbirth, leaving him an unlikely lone parent. He doesn't do all that well until he meets a beautiful young woman who may be able to help him.

Hulk (2003)


Sky Movies Action, 6.30pm

In Ang Lee's thoughtful but rather slow-moving take on the popular Marvel Comics character, Eric Bana plays Dr Bruce Banner, a top geneticist who's exposed to a potentially fatal dose of radiation during an experiment and transforms into a raging 15-foot monster whenever anyone upsets him.

Leap Year (2010)


Film Four, 6.55pm

Amy Adams heads the cast of this ghastly romantic comedy, playing a New York woman who impetuously follows her slippery boyfriend to Ireland having heard about an old Oirish tradition where a woman can propose to a man every February 29th. But when she reaches the auld sod her head is turned by a silver-tongued local.

Hyde Park on Hudson (2013)


Sky Movies Drama, 11.45pm

Roger Michell's comic drama stars Bill Murray as a flippant and surprisingly amorous Franklin D. Roosevelt, and is set during a seemingly innocuous but significant visit to the US by King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth. With Laura Linney.

White Oleander (2007)


BBC1, 12.15pm

A sad young woman endures a series of unhappy foster homes after her free-spirited mother is sent to prison for murdering her unfaithful lover. Michelle Pfeiffer, Renee Zellweger, Robin Wright Penn and Alison Lohman star in this rather meandering film based on the novel by Janet Fitch.

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