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TV Highlights Tuesday

Operation Transformation

RTE One, 8.30pm

It's the final week for this year's six leaders, and tonight Kathryn (right) invites the contestants over for a last supper, Brendan Courtney dresses them for tomorrow night's finale, and they prepare for the 5km run. Live UEFA Champions League

TV3, 7.30pm

David Moyes' (right) Man United may be in all sorts of trouble domestically but they're still in contention in the Champions League, and tonight they face a potentially tricky first-leg second-round away tie against Olympiacos.The Necessary War

BBC2, 9.00pm

The Great War is sometimes dismissed as a shameful and unnecessary conflict, but in this documentary Max Hastings (right) argues that Britain's involvement in it was neither avoidable nor futile, and that German ultramontanism had to be confronted.

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