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Trial by Twitter. . .

A rolling armchair discussion of Ryan Tubridy and The Late Late Show has become something of a Friday night staple on Twitter, the social media platform.

Under the hashtag #latelate, hundreds of tweeters, with a beer or glass of wine in one hand and a smart phone in the other, exchange live views on Tubridy's choice of guests, his manner and choice of questions.

Every second of the show is commented on. The adding of the hashtag at the end of a tweet means users can see all the comments related to The Late Late Show (#latelate) in one place.

Tubridy's interview with singer Ronan Keating was savaged. But Tubridy defended it by saying "trial by Twitter" was not the answer to proper journalism.



@NiamhyB Niamh Breslin

Ronan Keating was pathetic on the Late Late. He was more bothered about the press intrusion than his affair. Ryan wasn't much better #llsz

@MauriceDockrell Maurice Dockrell

#latelate The late late show has been unwatchable for most of Ryan Tubridy's tenure. He is obviously not suited to it.

@jemb123 Joan Byrne

Tubridy has to be the worst interviewer ever! Stop putting words into peoples mouths you flute! #latelate.

Video of the Day

@colmtobin Colm Tobin

You could hear a pin drop on the #latelate tonight. Even the pins are trying to escape.

@GegeLeBeau Gege Le Beau

The Late Late should keep going so I can enjoy the running commentary on the 'tweet machine' #latelate.

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