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Trailer released for Gandolfini's last role, alongside Eve Hewson

Bono's daughter Eve is in the spotlight as a promo clip for the 22-year old's new fim is released, starring late actor James Gandolfini in his last role.

A trailer has been released for the new rom-com 'Enough Said', starring Eve Hewson alongside the late James Gandolfini in his last leading role before his unexpected death.

Hewson plays Gandolfini's daughter in the film, a large role in the love story of two parents with teenage children.

Gandolfini plays the lead alongside Julia Louis- Dreyfus, who he meets at a party. The pair begin to fall for each other after bonding over their parenting experiences. The romance hits a hurdle when Louis-Dreyfus, whose character is a massage therapist, realises Gandolfini's ex-wife is one of her clients and begins to 'channel' his ex-wife on dates with Gandolfini, which causes issues for the couple.

One of Hewson's next projects will be starring alongside Hunger Games actor James McQuaid, in a crowd-funded, independent film.

'Enough Said' will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before coming to cinemas.

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