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Tesco text factor mobilises for Mary


Mary Byrne pictured in TESCO

Mary Byrne pictured in TESCO

Mary Byrne pictured in TESCO

Tesco is to mobilise staff all over Ireland and Britain to support checkout operator Mary Byrne in the live finals of 'The X Factor', which start at the weekend.

More than 300,000 employees are to be reminded, through internal emails and staff briefings, to back the 50-year-old when the show goes live on ITV on Saturday night.

Negotiations to allow Irish viewers to take part in the voting are ongoing.

Viewers vote to keep contestants in the show using either telephone or text message -- but viewers in the Republic have been unable to vote because only UK telephone networks are included.

An announcement is expected in the coming days.

Mary, who worked in Tesco's Ballyfermot branch until a few weeks ago, is the latest cover star of the chain's staff magazine, 'The One'.

Mary told the magazine: "The company has been fantastic -- all my colleagues are supporting me 100pc."

However, she has revealed she is nervous about having to sing live.

"Imagine hearing your own voice called out over 'X Factor'. There's a big audience and millions of people watching at home. I will be nervous but it will be more adrenaline pumping. I just want be in front of the audience, where I always wanted to be," she says.

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