Thursday 18 July 2019

‘Swedish Adele’ face behind Eurovision's bumbling EBU character Lynda Woodruff

Brian O’Reilly in Malmo

SHE’S proved incredibly popular during this year’s Eurovision, but fake EBU character Lynda Woodruff is actually played by one of Sweden’s most successful singers.

Sarah Dawn Finer has rightly been labelled the ‘Swedish Adele’ – the singer/song writer's rousing ballads have made her a superstar in her home country.

However she has now risen to international prominence during Eurovision as her character - the EBU’s bumbling host Linda Woodruff.

"I had a voice that I’d been doing for a couple of years as a joke, and we decided last year to turn her in to an EBU person", Sarah told the Irish Independent.

" I knew I wasn’t going to be involved in Eurovision singing wise, but I’m really happy to be involved with it while it’s in Sweden, and that the character has been so well received.

"It’s sort of weird that people now know me as an old British lady, rather than a singer."

Although she is one of the most highly regarded singers in her home land, she has not yet attempted to break the wider music market.

"I think everyone would like to reach out and get the world as their stage, but it’s very hard to do"

"But I think every good thing leads to another, and things can go viral so quickly this way. So maybe once someone asks who the strange British lady at Eurovision is, they’ll find my music."

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