Wednesday 20 November 2019

Stream Team – Netflix's Biggest Rivals

Sky On Demand

The UK broadcaster's new on-demand service allows subscribers stream 'box sets' of series such as The Walking Dead and Bones.


It's surprising how many old movies and TV shows are knocking around YouTube. Still, it isn't really the place to go for gripping drama. For good or ill, YouTube mostly remains the realm of cute wombat videos and CCTV footage of people tripping hilariously on pavements.


In the US, Hulu is regarded as a major rival to Netflix. With backing from NBC, Fox and Disney, it offers reruns of popular programmes, plus original content (showing Chris O'Dowd's Moone Boy in America for instance). Not available in Ireland, though those with a little technical know-how will have little difficulty getting around this.

BBC Player

Only available for UK residents. However, the tablet app allows you watch certain, pre-selected shows for free anywhere in the world.

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