Wednesday 20 November 2019

Sky bosses defend Rihanna fashion show despite ratings flop

The show has performed poorly in the ratings. Photo: Sky.
The show has performed poorly in the ratings. Photo: Sky. reporters

SKY controller Stuart Murphy has defended the decision to commission Rihanna’s own fashion show, ‘Styled to rock’, despite the show underwhelming in the ratings.

The Sky Living series’ biggest ratings came for its latest episode on Tuesday – however it still only managed to draw an audience of just 105,000.

In contrast, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ drew 1.95m for Channel 5 while ‘The great British bake off’ drew 4.2m for the BBC.

It was also easily beaten by other digital channels - A ‘Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ repeat on Challenge and a QI repeat on Dave were watched by more people.

Murphy has insisted that he isn't concerned by the figures, pointing out that the numbers for the first episode climbed to 440,000 – but only if you include repeats and catch-up services, such as Sky Plus.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival last week he said: "It was trending on Twitter and Rihanna is the biggest star in the world.”

"Find me a channel controller who would turn down Rihanna in her own series," he continued.

Styled To Rock is executively produced by Rihanna and features Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts and fashion designer Henry Holland as mentors.

Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry and Scissor Sisters are among the special guests who appear during the series.

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