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‘She’s a moody little b**ch’ - Downton’s Hugh Bonneville lets rip at co-star


DOWNTON Abbey star Hugh Bonneville has slammed a co-star as "a moody little b**ch" – the dog who plays pet Isis on the show.

Isis has become one of the most popular characters on the hit period drama – as the Crawley family’s dog she is rarely not at the side of her master the Earl of Grantham.

However when Bonneville was asked what the most difficult scenes to film for the show are, he told The Sun: “It’s any scene involving the dog. She is a moody little b**ch. She rarely comes out of her trailer and demands snacks at all times.”

The actor also spoke about how to prevent leaks about the shock death of Lady Sybil, ‘Happy birthday’ banners were put up at her farewell party.

“We put ‘Happy birthday’ signs up to put off any prying eyes and it seemed to pay off”, he said.

He also confirmed he’d be ‘surprised’ if there was not another series of the hit show, however said it has not been confirmed: “A new series has not yet been confirmed. I have no idea. There is a demand – I’d be surprised if we didn’t do another one.”