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Secrets of Irish under the covers laid bare


NAKED TRUTH: Deirdre Morrissey believes sex should not be such a closed topic

NAKED TRUTH: Deirdre Morrissey believes sex should not be such a closed topic

NAKED TRUTH: Deirdre Morrissey believes sex should not be such a closed topic

It's the last sanctuary to retreat to from the outside world, but a number of Irish couples will throw open the doors to their bedrooms to tell the nation what they get up to between the sheets.

The RTE TV documentary In Bed with the Irish uncovers the nation's attitudes to love, intimacy, snoring and duvet theft through the honest opinions of a range of Irish couples.

The subjects include a couple in their 70s, another in their 40s and a model and her boyfriend who have attended swingers parties, practise tantric sex and have embarked on a sexual discovery holiday.

Speaking about the experience, Deirdre Morrissey, who has been with her boyfriend Rory for four years, said: "As a couple we already live very publicly through social media, we've entered reality competitions and exposed ourselves through my sex features with the Sunday Independent LIFE magazine. I'm from Dungarvan, a small town where my mum owns the local pub and when my sex features were published she was horrified; I think she was hiding from the neighbours.

"Sex is such a closed topic yet it's one thing we all have in common. Because sex is such a visceral, intimate and emotive subject people usually shy away from discussions about it. But I don't like these old taboos and I believe that for a society to be truly healthy people should be able to discuss everything with impunity."

She added: "Sex can be beyond the physical, it can transport us into another magical world where everything is perfect for a moment. It's a form of physical and emotional release.

"Couples who've been married for many decades tell me that sex gets less important as you get older, but I'm not there yet."

Another couple who feature on the programme, Joe and Catherine, have known each other for 57 years. The couple, now in their 70s, discuss their initial sexual innocence and how their sex life has come to an abrupt halt, not through old age but illness.

Other interviewees include Eamonn and Anne who regularly tussle over the duvet, which is also shared with two dogs, and Marie Claire and Stephen who -- despite their two young children -- still haven't lost their mojo.

The intimate documentary will see couples discuss their first impressions of each other, their bedtime habits, and rituals, sexual attitudes, the impact of religion in the bedroom and how they see their future.

With unflinching honesty, In Bed With The Irish offers an personal portrait of just how much people share when they share a bed.

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