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Rueful pomp and ceremony as it should be

Like everyone else in the country, with the probable exception of Joe Higgins and Richard Boyd Barrett, I was smitten with the Obamas on their fleeting trip to our shores and wrote accordingly in Tuesday's paper.

A day later, though, I felt I'd been conned by two sharp operators who'd been playing us all for suckers.

That pint of Guinness moment -- forget the money shot, this was the Moneygall shot come re-election time. And as for the presidential reassurance of our own worth from the stage on College Green -- we certainly haven't grown up when we're reduced to cheering every word of praise bestowed on us by a charismatic global superstar, who's revelling in our adoration.

An astute Enda Kenny seized the moment to bask in Obama's reflected glory, though he has a long way to go before he warrants the kind of affection reserved for his predecessor Garret FitzGerald, whose funeral was covered by RTE with the authority you'd expect. Over on TV3 though, Vincent Browne's stream-of-consciousness meanderings throughout the obsequies were truly surreal.

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