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RTE’s Marian Finucane defends her two shows a week salary

RTE’S Marian Finucane today defended her salary - and denied that it was two and a half times that of Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

And she added that it had changed “changed utterly” in the past few years.

She told Tom Dunne on Newstalk: “Of course you realise that what was negotiated at a certain time...we are in a completely changed world now and I know that”.

Figures for 2009 show that Marian Finucane earned €513,270, which made her the fourth highest RTE earner for that year.

The broadcaster, who’s show goes out on Saturday and Sunday mornings, also said that “without a doubt” RTE has to win back the trust of the Irish people’’ after the Prime Time Investigates fiasco.

She said that recent controversies has affected morale in the national broadcaster.

“It’s very difficult. The whole thing was a disaster and everybody feels it...A lot of people in the organisation who have done a lot of good work feel let down.”

She also revealed that she had been offered a significant sum, in the past, to switch to Newstalk, and she came “very close” to joining the l station.