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RTE to slash top presenters' pay and sports budgets in cost cutting drive


RTE's Montrose headquarters

RTE's Montrose headquarters

RTE's Montrose headquarters

STATE broadcaster RTE is to cut top presenters' pay by a minimum of 30pc and close its London office.

The Montrose station is looking to cuts costs by up to €25m by the end of next year.

And - as part of additional cost-cutting measures announced by RTE Director General Noel Curran this evening - there will also be a 25pc reduction in the budget for sports rights by 2014.

Irish sport to be a priority in future.

Also, the amount paid for overseas programming will be cut by at least 10pc by next year.

Up to €15m of the required savings will be sought from staffing costs, according to Mr Curran, with a new voluntary redundancy scheme due to be established soon.

The minimum 30pc cut in pay for top earning presenters will apply to the top 20 best-paid staff.

The station had previously sought this level of reduction from its 10 best-paid staff only.

Said Mr Curran: "Key goals include eliminating the financial deficit; delivering on clearly-defined output priorities; and becoming a truly multimedia organisation that embraces the opportunities provided by digital technologies.

"Clearly RTE must innovate and remain relevant to the needs of the Irish public, guaranteeing our public value.

‘’Our operations and delivery must be cost effective. We must be excellent. In achieving all of these things, as we can and will, we will secure our future. So it is vital that we make these changes."