Thursday 20 June 2019

RTE cuts part of show after legal complaint from Waters

John Waters
John Waters

Brian Byrne

RTE has removed a segment of last weekend's 'The Saturday Night Show' from its online player after a legal complaint.

It removed the entire programme earlier this week, after claims that comments made by a guest about journalist John Waters were defamatory.

The Irish Independent understands that representatives of Mr Waters sent a legal letter to the broadcaster, seeking the removal of the interview.

It has been put back on the website -- but an interview by presenter Brendan O'Connor with entertainer Rory O'Neill, better known as the drag act Panti, has been cut short.

During the show, comments were made about Mr Waters, writer Breda O'Brien and the Catholic organisation the Iona Institute. None were in the studio.

RTE admitted that it had removed the programme due to "potential legal issues".

Mr Waters refused to comment when contacted by the Irish Independent. However, sources confirmed that he contacted the broadcaster and asked for the programme to be removed.

When he did not receive what he saw as a satisfactory response, his solicitors sent RTE a legal letter.

The Iona Institute also refused to respond, while Ms O'Brien said she was taking legal advice about the issue.

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