Thursday 21 November 2019

Queen 'likes watching Loose Women' says presenter

Queen Elizabeth II.
Queen Elizabeth II.

DENISE Welch, a presenter of the TV show Loose Women, has claimed she was told by Prince Andrew's servants that the Queen liked to watch it 'now and again'.

The Queen is a fan of Loose Women. Or so says Denise Welch, a presenter of the bawdy television show.

The surprising revelation was apparently made to the former Coronation Street actress during a charity function ay Buckingham Palace.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, she said: “I heard the Queen watches Loose Women because I once went to the Palace.

“I used to be president of a charity called Weston Spirit set up by (Falklands War veteran) Simon Weston to help teenagers get back on the rails.

“Anyway, we got invited to the Palace and I was sat next to Prince Andrew and some of his servants told me that Her Majesty like to watch it now and again.”

The disclosure about the Queen’s alleged TV viewing habits is likely to raise some eyebrows.

Nor is it the only royal story Welch shared during her appearance on the ITV1 show.

She also described how she once flashed her breasts at Princess Beatrice and on another occasion had a row with Prince Andrew after allegedly hearing him criticise Princess Diana shortly after her death.

She said: “I was in a private members’ club and as I turned round Princess Beatrice was there with her boyfriend and she turns around and went ‘Denise’ and I went ‘Bea’ and I flashed my boobs at her.’”

Describing the Prince Andrew episode, she said: “I did not feel what he was saying was right….He looked at me as if I was an alien from outer space.”

Welch played Natalie Horricks in Coronation Street and has also appeared in Waterloo Road and Soldier, Soldier.

On her profile in the Loose Women section of ITV’s website, the outspoken TV star writes: “Whether I’m talking about serious issues or joking around, I am always willing to reveal my own experiences - however personal or however much trouble I get myself in!”

She will appear on Life Stories on September 28.

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