Wednesday 13 November 2019

Operation Transformation’s Dr Eva defends outburst at leader Charlotte

Charlotte O'Connell.
Charlotte O'Connell.
Dr Eva Orsmond

Kirsty Blake Knox and Eimear Rabbitte

OPERATION Transformation’s Dr Eva Orsmond has defended her spirited outburst at leader Charlotte O'Connell.

Dr Eva berated Charlotte (23) and told her to 'cop on' after she missed her weight-loss target by a half a pound.

RTE was inundated with phone calls and emails after the show labelling Dr Eva's reaction as “an utter disgrace”.

Speaking on the John Murray show on RTE Radio 1 this morning, however, Dr Eva defended her comments. “It looks like I was very hard on her but can I remind you that Operation Transformation is a TV show.

“I felt very frustrated and that's what came across. I am frustrated by our obesity levels. But anyone who meets me outside the TV cameras knows I am a very caring person.”

When asked why Charlotte should take the brunt of her frustration |Dr Eva replied: “Because she is representing all those young people who are either overweight or obese.”

Dr Eva also denied having shouted at Charlotte.

“I hope I wasn't shouting at Charlotte, I think I was just using a very loud voice.

“I think everybody is very soft on the issue of obesity,” she continued. “But who else is actually putting their foot down, the Government hasn't done anything.

“I know now that I'm in the bad books but I'm trying to help people.”

Dr Eva said that she and Charlotte have patched things up since their run in on the show.

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