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New video emerges of X Factor contestant Christopher Maloney performing at holiday resort


A VIDEO has been uncovered online which appears to show X Factor contestant Christopher Maloney performing at a holiday resort.

The video, posted by Thomson Holidays to their YouTube account over two years ago, appears to show Maloney performing at one of the company’s holiday resorts.

Although the footage is grainy, Maloney appears to be performing with two female dancers at around 1.23 into the video.

It is the latest revelation which appears to cast doubt over Maloney’s claim at his audition that he was too nervous to perform in front of people – accompanied by severe shaking.

However since his audition he has confirmed he has performed on several cruise ships.

The Liverpool singer has also slammed claims he is ‘a diva’ backstage – despite several former contestants accusing him of diva antics.

Meanwhile Simon Cowell is reported to have ordered the show’s judges to soften their criticism of the singer over fears their harsh words are mobilising a sympathy vote.

It is believed Rylan Clarke has agreed to tone down his dislike for Chris in interviews – despite a Twitter rant aimed at the singer last week.