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NBC admits Friends reunion being discussed for 2014


The cast of Friends.

The cast of Friends.

The cast of Friends.

AMERICAN station NBC has begun discussions about a possible Friends reunion in 2014.

The hit comedy show, which has been off the air for almost a decade, began trending on Twitter last night as the rumours hit the web.

An NBC source confirmed to American Showbiz channel E! that early discussions were being had about the possibility, although there was no “forward motion” on the project yet.

The sitcom’s executive producer Kevin S Bright last year said he wouldn’t support a movie version of the show, saying: “It was made to be an intimate show in your living room”.

He added that there would need to be a reason to justify the reunion – however it is believed that a one off special seeing where the characters are 10 years down the line could entice the cast back.

Friends aired from 1994-2004 and is considered one of the most influential TV shows ever on pop culture.

Although no original episodes have been shot since, it has remained a regular feature on many station’s schedules.

Matt LeBlanc starred in a spin-off centering around his character Joey, however it was only on air for two series.

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