Tuesday 24 October 2017

Mrs Brown signs deal for five years of festive treats

Brendan O’Carroll has really hit the big time with ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’
Brendan O’Carroll has really hit the big time with ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’

Kirsty Blake Knox and Ken Sweeney

'MRS Brown's Boys' Christmas and New Year's specials will be a festive fixture in our TV schedule until 2018.

The creator of 'Mrs Brown's Boys' Brendan O'Carroll has signed a five-year multi-million pound deal with the BBC and RTE.

Brendan's son Danny O'Carroll, who plays the part of Buster Brady, confirmed the specials will be returning.

"We have signed up to do Christmas and New Year's specials for the next five years, which is great," he said.

The 'Mrs Brown's Boys' series is currently on standby due to Brendan's hectic work schedule.

"I understand why dad is reluctant to do it," Danny said. "I remember when he was writing a movie, doing the live shows, the Christmas specials and a series -- it was exhausting."

"But I would love to do another series."

News of the deal follows on from the overwhelming success of the 2013 specials, which pulled in combined figures of 18.1 million in the UK alone.

"Any way you look at it, this is a multi-million pound deal for Brendan," an industry insider said.

"It's a seller's market; not only does 'Mrs Brown's Boys' pull in massive ratings, it also appeals to a demographic the BBC have historically had difficulty in targeting. The show is extremely valuable to them -- in every sense.


"Getting a five-year contract will bring in huge revenue to Brendan's production company: he'll be getting a writer's, producer's and performer's fee.

"He's worked extremely hard on this franchise for years and it's fantastic to see him get the recognition he deserves."

'Mrs Brown's Boys' is the overnight hit that was 20 years in the making.

Combined sales from TV series, books and a forthcoming Universal movie are reported to have earned the 58-year-old comedian €10m in royalties.

O'Carroll makes sure to spread his wealth around: he donated the takings from one of his performances in Dublin's 02 to the St Vincent De Paul and Irish Autism Action.

Each charity received €125,000 each.

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