Sunday 17 November 2019

Move on from Ryan, urges 2fm chief

Broadcaster Gerry Ryan, who died in 2010
Broadcaster Gerry Ryan, who died in 2010

Laura Butler

THE new head of 2fm has insisted that the RTE station must move on from the death of Gerry Ryan three years ago.

Dan Healy said: "He's in the building, there's no two ways about that. His brother works beside me; you have to pay respect to that.

"But I think the station has to respect the Ryan family and his colleagues. And we have to go ahead now. I think it's time to look forward."

Mr Healy was responding to questions about 2fm not marking Mr Ryan's anniversary on air in April.

He said: "I think that sadly for 2fm it has to move on from Gerry's past. It's very difficult for his family. It's very hard for those people who worked with him.

"There will be other great presenters but Gerry Ryan was unique. Everybody adored Gerry Ryan."

Mr Healy (50), who succeeded John McMahon at 2fm in May, said he had full confidence in Ryan Tubridy and felt that the presenter's ratings would climb.

He has no intention of taking on outside broadcasters to fill in on programmes, such as former Westlife star Nicky Byrne.

Mr Healy added: "We don't want him. There will be no more Nicky Byrne because we have great broadcasters."

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