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More trouble ahead for the Dillons on Fair City


Aoibheann McCaul.

Aoibheann McCaul.

Aoibhin Garrihy

Aoibhin Garrihy

Aoibheann McCaul.

VIEWERS have seen the Dillon family fall apart on Fair City over the last year, however things are about to get worse.

First they had to deal with father Tommy’s affair with neighbour Jo, and now they’ve been dealt the blow of mother Judy’s fling with uncle Luke.

However things are going to go from bad to worse for the Dillon family during the next few weeks.

“Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, they are” explains Aoibheann McCaul, who plays Caoimhe.

“I think Luke’s the real villain in all this, he’s came along and ruined the family’s life.” She said.

However Aoibheann is enjoying the gritty storyline and character Caoimhe: “It’s great to be involved in a story line like this and to be able to play someone as crazy as Caoimhe”

She added that the tough scenes take their toll after she’s left the set: “It can take you a few hours to snap out of it, after you’ve spent the day crying and arguing with people – you get really into it”.

Meanwhile Aoibhin Garrihy, who plays sister Neasa, says she’s enjoying her time on the popular soap.

“It’s been an amazing experience, I get to work with an amazing cast and crew every day” she said.

She added that while she is interested in other projects, she has no plans to leave Carrickstown any time soon: “the way the filming schedule works enables you to keep your finger in a lot of pies, which is really good as well.”

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