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Miriam shows Beeb's not be-all and end-all

SO Ryan is having his Easter Rising? So what's the fuss about? Miriam O'Callaghan already had a brilliant career in the BBC and returned to Ireland victorious.

A source close to the RTE beauty said: "Since Miriam doesn't bother using an agent to promote herself, I just wanted to point out, in the week that Tubridy is everywhere about his plans to try and make it big in Britain, that Miriam is one of the very few Irish broadcasters who had a very successful career in the UK but chose to come back. She still constantly gets offers to return as all her old mates from Newsnight are now running the Beeb."

This story clearly has legs -- not unlike Miriam herself. Voted the Yummiest Mummy in the country, Miriam is soon to be Dr O'Callaghan (is there any end to her talents?. The University of Ulster clearly thinks not.)

Dr O'Callaghan, Steve Carson, who is the recipient of her bedside manner, and their kids are heading to the Skellig Hotel in Dingle for Easter.

While there they will visit their late granddad's farm in Kerry. They also plan to swim with dolphins in the Atlantic.

Better than swimming with the sharks, I always say.

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