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Martin Maloney

His home-made satirical comedy, 'Hardy Bucks', made him an internet star and now he's moving into the mainstream. As the co-creator of Hardy Bucks, 27-year-old Martin has achieved the holy grail of all bedroom scribes by turning a pet project into a full-time career. He and his writing partner, Chris Tordoff, submitted a short film to the RTE StoryLand drama competition and, based on the popularity of their creation on the internet, the duo were commissioned to develop the concept into a proper three-part show for RTE2.

'Hardy Bucks' was born after a night's drinking in Galway several years ago. "After a heavy session of ale in Galway in 2007, I just sat down and did a few characters," remembers Martin. "It was kind of a mixture of some bully boys who we knew from school, and a little bit of my dad thrown in. My dad is a truly beautiful specimen from Mayo. He's a great Mayo man." Does Martin's dad know that he is a muse? "It's blatantly obvious," Martin says simply.

Several years ago, Martin abandoned a mixed-media degree course. He ran away from Ballyfermot to Sweden. "I thought the whole college thing was going to be women, drinking and whatnot; drugs. I thought it was going to be the whole Van Wilder adventure. But it wasn't -- it was just kind of mildly depressing." Sweden, however, made up for the disappointment. Asked what he was doing there, Martin says, "Ladies." He is now engaged to a Swedish girl, with whom he has a long-distance relationship.

The show is informed by Martin's disaffected youth, which was spent in Liverpool and Galway. "I was a ragamuffin growing up. A petty vandal, getting chases from people in cars and hanging out outside McDonald's," he says. There is a lot of crossover between art and life in Hardy Bucks. "A lot of the lads who came into it are

just my best friends. We'd always just go and get properly wrecked and have rowdy adventures in real life," he explains, also admitting that his character in the show, Eddie, is about 40 per cent himself. "We thought, let's just make some of the daftest characters we can, and throw them into a petty world of small disputes," he says. "They're trapped in a world they can't really escape."


'Hardy Bucks' will be shown on RTE Two later this month

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