Tuesday 24 October 2017

Marian Finucane opens up about the failure of first marriage

Marian Finucane: talks marriage, family, friends
Marian Finucane: talks marriage, family, friends

Ken Sweeney Entertainment Editor

BROADCASTER Marian Finucane has revealed how she split from her first husband.

The RTE personality first wed at aged 24 but the marriage was only to last five years.

"He was an architect. We got on brilliantly but we weren't a good marriage, simple as that," Finucane tells Mike Murphy, the host of 'The Big Interview' series which airs this Thursday night on RTE1.

Asked by interviewer Murphy if the marriage had an "acrimonious ending", the 61-year-old answered: "I suppose the endings tend to be but he was a really, really, nice guy".

Now happily remarried, the weekend radio host also recounted, in the rare interview, how son Jack (24) had been viciously attacked when burglars raided their Kildare home in 2007.

The then 20-year-old had been on his own in their house when criminals forced their way in and found him asleep.

"They turned him over in the bed so he couldn't see them. They kept on at him with a knife at his head, at a certain point he saw bits of his blood and flesh hitting off the headboard.

"At one stage the lights were on in the room but he could see out of the corner of his eye in the window, them pick up this award, thank God it wasn't bronze, because he thought he was going to die as they crashed it on top of his head," she recounted.

The thieves got just two dollars and "four or five euros" in the burglary and even threatened to abduct her son as they left. "They wouldn't believe that we didn't have a safe. They left him tied up."

Finucane and her husband had just landed in South Africa when news reached them about the raid.

"We were in and out of coverage and then there were all these people ringing, me saying "Is Jack ok? These friends of ours who went over said our bedroom looked like an abattoir, there was so much blood around the place," she said.

Her moving interview with best friend Nuala O'Faolain is another part of the discussion which airs at 10.15pm on Thursday.

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