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Making a song and dance of Eurovision

At time of writing, I've no idea if Jedward made it through the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final and, to be honest, I can't say that I'd give a hoot whatever the outcome.

Our national broadcaster, though, gives lots of hoots about such matters, even going to the lengths of commissioning an episode of Scannal called Euroscannal (RTÉ1), which was devoted to all the shocking things for which the contest has been responsible -- or, as the narrator put it, "as many scandals as there've been decent songs".

So, no scandals, then, though the makers were obliged to pretend otherwise, starting off with Sandie Shaw who, in the run-up to her 'Puppet on a String' moment of fame, had apparently been cited in a divorce hearing, which meant that she nearly didn't take part in the songfest. Ho hum.

Then there was transsexual Dana International, not to mention rumoured lesbians TATU. Ho hum again.

And what about the Bucks Fizz women having their skirts ripped off onstage?

"That image will stay with me forever," said misty-eyed broadcaster and actor Páraic Breathnach, who clearly has led a very sheltered life.

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