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Love/Hate’s Janet – Cat scene raised real issues around animal cruelty


Mary Murray as Janet

Mary Murray as Janet

Mary Murray as Janet

LOVE/HATE actress Mary Murray, who plays Janet, has defended the show’s controversial scene in which a cat was killed last weekend.

The scene prompted a flurry of complaints to RTE after it was broadcast on Sunday night.

However the actress defended the show, saying the scene reflected real acts of animal cruelty, one of which she had witnessed.

“I was intrigued when I read about it in the script, and like the rest of the nation I was shocked when I saw it on screen on Sunday, and I completely understand people’s reactions.

“However I’ve been witness to these sorts of situations, it’s real and it does happen in estates around Dublin.

“I came across an incident when some young guys with a pitbull were tormenting a chicken in broad daylight.

“These guys were around 17-years-old, imagine what they’ll become? No good can come from that. It’s horrific, it’s just the most horrible thing. But it does happen and it’s good that it raised awareness of it.”

Despite some gritty scenes, Mary admits that she’s enjoying her time on the hit RTE drama.

“Janet is great fun to play and it’s great she comes across as a tough cookie, because I’m a sap.” She said.

However the actress confessed she hadn’t ventured into any brothels while researching the part. 

“I had a look online at the prices and the types of girls who are involved. It was really eye opening, there’s an entire world out there most people don’t know about. It’s not a pleasant world at all.”

Viewers have seen Janet and Nidge get closer, and Mary believes the two characters are drawn together by their similarities.

“They’re very similar in a lot of ways. They’re both very determined and very ambitious. She admires the fact that he can walk in and control a room. But somewhere in the back of her head she knows it’s smart to be on his good side.

“I do believe she genuinely cares for him though. I think it shows her softer side and it shows that no individual is fully good or bad. We can all be very different in our private moments.

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“It’s great to be able to explore this part of the character and as an actor it’s a great opportunity.”

Viewers will see more of Janet this Sunday on the new episode of Love/Hate, on RTE One at 9.30.

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