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Louis Walsh: My friendship with Cheryl is over


Louis Walsh. Photo: PA

Louis Walsh. Photo: PA

Louis Walsh. Photo: PA

LOUIS Walsh has hit back at former X Factor colleague Cheryl Cole after she accused him of never properly looking after Girls Aloud, and said that the band effectively managed themselves.

Walsh responded to Cole’s comments by telling The Mirror: “I've no idea why she's made these comments but, in my eyes, it says a lot about her.”

He continued “I was always the first to defend her on the X Factor, and always watched her back.”

Cole criticised the Mayo man in an interview with Marie Claire magazine saying “we didn't talk to him or anything like that. He just took a cheque. Literally, we didn't have management.”

She also said Walsh had put pressure on the group publicly to lose weight, claiming “Louis had come out publicly and said: ‘They're all fat. They all need to lose weight.’ And the record label sent us all to have training.”

Jedward manager Walsh is said to be ‘stunned’ by the attack, and said “I won't stand for anyone criticising me professionally and if I was in London right now I'd give her a piece of my mind.”

It was announced last week the Louis Walsh will return the judging panel of the new series of X Factor, making him the only judge to have remained on the panel since the beginning of the show.