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Louis and MaBy hope boyband hit can work 'X Factor' magic

COULD it be magic for 'X Factor' sensation Mary Byrne again tonight?

Walsh is hoping he will be saying "take that" tonight to his fellow judges who criticised his song choice last week.

The 50-year-old checkout operator from Ballyfermot in Dublin was criticised for giving similar performances in the three live shows so far.

Simon Cowell claimed Louis should have shown more imagination in his song choices, while fellow judge Dannii Minogue appealed to the mother of one to sing something more modern this week.

However, despite their criticisms, Ms Byrne, aka MaBy to fans, survived elimination from the competition with her performance of the 1963 hit 'I Who Have Nothing'.

Now she is hopeful that a soulful rendition of Take That favourite, 'Could it be Magic', will wow the judges, and prove enough to keep her in the show.

The Tesco worker had promised to show "more variety" in her upcoming performances, but speaking from London last night in a break from rehearsals, Louis said he hadn't chosen the song to please the other judges.

"I've chosen a Take That song for Mary this week, and I am absolutely delighted with it. Mary couldn't be happier.

"I have just seen her in dress rehearsal and she absolutely blew me away, but I'm not picking songs to please Simon, or any one of the judges -- this is about choosing the best songs for Mary," he said.

He added that he was, as yet, undecided whether or not to move the Dublin songbird out of the X Factor house in Hertfordshire.

It is understood that living in the house was starting to affect Ms Byrne's performances as a result of noise. Walsh had been considering moving her into a hotel.

Meanwhile, Irish 'X Factor' star Rebecca Creighton had to abandon rehearsals yesterday due to a throat infection. She is resting ahead of tonight's performance with girl band Belle Amie.

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