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Liz Bonnin praises RTE beginnings for BBC success

HER career at the BBC has gone from strength to strength and television presenter Liz Bonnin puts it all down to her humble beginnings on RTE.

The former ‘Off The Rails’ host told the Irish Independent that she credits her success to the “launch pad” that is the national broadcaster.

Bonnin moved to the UK in 2002 and has since fronted ‘Stargazing Live’, ‘Bang Goes The Theory’ and ‘Super Smart Animals’.

While she turned down an opportunity to host Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain’s ‘Science Squad’, the 36-year-old said that she sees herself returning to RTE in the future.

“I’ve never turned my back on RTE and it’s nice to still be thought of,” she said.

“I never consciously moved to the UK, I was just looking for opportunities and they happened to be in London. But I’ve RTE to thank for everything, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be doing what I am.

 “It’s a great training ground and is what gave me the showreel to be able to get a job.”

A biochemist, Bonnin returned to her science roots in 2008 to complete a Masters in Wild Animal Biology and said that it has helped her carve out a niche market for herself.

She has just returned from Siberia, where she filmed a documentary on tigers – her “dream job” – due to air on BBC Two in June.

“I’m travelling non stop, but I absolutely love it. I’m in the lucky position that I’m offered things that I really want to do and cats are my thing, I’m obsessed with them, so to get a chance after five years to do something on tigers was amazing.”

“I really didn’t know when I went back to do my Masters that I’d be able to go on and communicate my passion [on camera]. I do pinch myself everyday and make myself take stock of it all.”

Speaking at the launch of the ‘Bring the Talk Home’ competition by Lyon’s Tea, in Dublin yesterday, Bonnin said that she enjoys being “one of the two Paddies” to champion BBC science, alongside Dara O’Briain.

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