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Like the babble of Junior Certs drunk on alcopops . . .

Is it possible to hate an inanimate object? Normally that emotion is reserved for other people, but I think I hate Zig and Zag. Yes, I'm almost certain of it.

The two muppets -- interpret that any way you want -- "host" a show on 2fm, and it is woeful. Smells like Saturday with Zig and Zag is like listening to the babble of Junior Cert students who've been at the alcopops and are now filled with both inebriation and a grossly inflated sense of how entertaining they are. It's hideously unfunny, unless you consider funny to equate to stupid voices, constant interruptions, lame jokes and the audio equivalent of ADHD.

In fact, I hate all those puppets our broadcasters seem so fond of -- Podge and Rodge, the execrable Dustin the Turkey. Why, God? Tell me, why? What have we done wrong for this garbage to be inflicted on us so often and for so long?

More than that, I don't see what purpose this show serves, or who it's aimed at. It's structured like a regular magazine programme: they play music, do interviews, talk about what's happening in pop culture, and so on. So it seems to have teens or young adults in mind.

But Zig and Zag's "comedy" could only possibly be considered funny by someone of primary-school age. And are they really interested in a movie critic giving his opinions?

I suppose, to broaden the theme out, this is a question that can be applied to 2fm as a whole: what is its purpose? Who is it aimed at?

To take another of their shows, Breakfast with Baz and Lucy on Saturdays and Sundays: to me, this is horrible stuff altogether, with those twangy Americanised accents, the hyperactive atmosphere, the inanity and pointlessness of it all.

And sure, it's not being made for someone like me. But who, then? Or perhaps more pertinently: why is it being produced by RTé?

This sort of white noise radio is already found on a thousand commercial stations.

Why is the national broadcaster contributing to the cacophony?

Several years ago a media commentator suggested that RTé sell off 2fm and concentrate on doing broadcasting for grown-ups.

That still sounds like a good idea.


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