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Leave it out! Voice of infamous Dublin brawl video identified as granny Ann Grimes


FM104's Thomas Crosse interviews granny Ann Grimes.

FM104's Thomas Crosse interviews granny Ann Grimes.

FM104's Thomas Crosse interviews granny Ann Grimes.

SHE is the voice featured on the infamous video of a brawl between four men in inner city Dublin, urging all parties to ‘Leave It Out’.

Now her identity has been unveiled as her audio has been incorporated into online raps and videos with characters such as Darth Vader.

Dublin woman Ann Grimes, from Sherriff Street, has told of how she now famously cried out “ah here, leave it out” in a bid to break the fight that she came upon while walking up Talbot Street.

The now infamous catchphrase has become a YouTube sensation.

Ann laughed: “It’s everywhere. The minute I got out the door, four year olds are saying it to me. They are roaring it out of cars at me. “

She told how she was walking up town on the way to the paint shop when the incident happened. “I had my grand-daughter with me. “

Speaking on FM104’s The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Ann explained that everyone was standing around and she could hear voices. She saw the men fighting and it was then she started shouting “Ah here leave it out.”

“I kept it up till they stopped. They walked away then,” said Ann.

She said that the first she knew that it had gone on the internet was when her neighbour knocked into her.

“She said Ann come here till I show you something.”

Video of the Day

Her neighbour told Ann that she was on You Tube. “I could see myself and the voice and the whole lot,” Ann said.

“When the video came out first, you could see me walking over. In a black coat and grey hair,” she said.

Ann said that that when the fight was over, she walked to the paint shop and then went home.

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