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'Late Late Show' host Ryan Tubridy happy to live on €373,000


Tubridy and
Craig Doyle at
the RTE season

Ryan Tubridy and Craig Doyle at the RTE season launch yesterday

watching Katie
Taylor's fight

Miriam O'Callaghan watching Katie Taylor's fight yesterday


Kathryn Thomas


Ryan Tubridy and Craig Doyle at the RTE season launch yesterday

'LATE Late Show' host Ryan Tubridy is accepting a salary cut that will see his pay drop more than €150,000 in total since 2008.

The RTE broadcaster revealed he will suffer an even deeper reduction to his wages than station director Noel Curran asked for in a call to his top stars.

However, Tubridy refused to say exactly how much his wages would ultimately drop, as negotiations on his contract were still under way.

The pay cut means his yearly wages will be slashed to less than €373,333.

Tubridy revealed the extent of his pay cut yesterday as RTE launched its autumn schedule.

"I'll be taking a pay cut of 30pc and beyond," said Tubridy.

When asked why he was being asked to take more than had been flagged, he said: "That's the world we live in. I'm completely ok with that.

"It is in excess of 30pc. It's down to the economic demands of our time."

Mr Curran had earlier sought a deep reduction in the salaries of the station's leading stars by next year.

The station chief announced last year that he wanted to make the cut of 30pc compared with the top earners' pay levels in 2008.

Mr Tubridy earned €533,333 in 2008, so this means he will have taken a cut of over €159,000 following his contract negotiations this month.

This will bring his earnings below €373,000. He has already taken part of the overall pay cut when he took a 10pc wage reduction as his contract was renewed during 2009. As a result, he earned €519,667 that year.

Figures on his earnings in 2010 and last year have not been released yet.

Meanwhile, presenter Craig Doyle said he was basically "paid per show" so is not in the same category as the highest earning contract staff.

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Journalist and chat show host Miriam O'Callaghan said she had already taken a 30pc pay cut, while Kathryn Thomas said she was willing to accept a pay cut during contract talks, which are still under way.


Former Daily Show presenter Claire Byrne said she would be "open" to a pay cut if asked.

"This is where we're at," she said.

"Show me a business that hasn't had pay cuts. Once you have a job, you are thankful."

Most of the big names at RTE survived the new schedule that was announced yesterday.

There was no sign of Grainne Seoige at the launch, but press officers said she would be back with her old shows, including 'Crimecall'.

Tubridy will return as host of the 'Late Late Show', while Brendan O'Connor will present 'The Saturday Night Show'.

Doyle's chat show and 'Celebrity Bainisteoir' "with a twist" are part of the new line-up, while Thomas will be back with 'The Voice of Ireland'.

One of the new additions to the schedule is 'Irish Pictorial Weekly', with 'Apres Match' star Barry Murphy.

'The Daily Show' and '4 Live' will not be making a return.

However, former 'Daily Show' host Claire Byrne will present a show on emergency rescues called 'Ireland Search and Rescue'.

Daithi O Se will return to host the Rose of Tralee.

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