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Keeping it in the family: Amy Huberman to share screen with actor brother Mark


Amy Huberman & brother Mark Huberman

Amy Huberman & brother Mark Huberman


Mark Huberman, Amy Huberman

Mark Huberman, Amy Huberman



Amy Huberman & brother Mark Huberman

She has acted alongside some of Ireland's most famous men, from Chris O'Dowd and Sherlock star Andrew Scott to music hunk Bressie.

Now Amy Huberman is hoping to take on a role beside another actor who's making waves on the comedy scene -- her brother.

Dubliner Mark is known for his work on films Boy Eats Girl and Shadow Dancer, and also received praise when he took on a comic role as RTE star Miriam O'Callaghan in Mario Rosenstock's Christmas special sketch show.

"We would love to act together," Amy told the Diary.

"We only ever shared a set once and that was when he checked into The Clinic when I was working on the medical drama so it was very amusing seeing him there."

But the actress turned author and shoe designer said the pair would have to play the familiar role of brother and sister in any upcoming acting roles, because they look so similar.

"We always said we would love to play a brother and sister," said Amy.

"That's the only thing we could really do because we look alike. My friend Ruth Bradley from Love/Hate has other ideas, though.

"She keeps saying, 'What would you do if you had to play boyfriend and girlfriend?'

"Obviously that would never happen because we look too alike and of course we would say no."

Ruth -- who shot to fame as Mary, the sister of gangster Darren played by Robert Sheehan in Love/Hate -- and Amy have been great friends since their days living together in London.

"I first worked with Ruth's mum on the RTE show called Home Ground when I was much younger and then myself and Ruth lived together in London for years so we are great friends," said Amy.

"I'm a big fan of hers acting-wise. She still lives in London but she's over and back so we get to hang out."

Amy, the wife of rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll, will be back in front of the cameras when the second season of Chris O'Dowd's award-winning comedy Moone Boy kicks-off on February 17.

Amy stars in several episodes of season two of the hit show, playing a flirty, hippy art teacher who enjoys a fling with Voice of Ireland star and musician Niall Breslin, aka Bressie.

"We shared a scene and he was really good," Amy said of the novice actor.



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