Sunday 17 November 2019

Joe proves that he is for the Bird

The concluding instalment of Charlie Bird on the Trail of Tom Crean (RTé1) wasn't as risibly self-centred as last week's opener, both because the presenter actually spent as much time talking about his supposed subject as about himself and because a couple of other people got to speak, too.

More interesting than either programme, though, was Joe Duffy's doomed attempt on Liveline last Monday to generate controversy on Bird's behalf.

He had plainly hoped for a heated debate between Bird and the critics who had savaged his series, but, alas, there were no critics on hand to fulfil his hopes.

"We haven't been able to get an answer from any of them," Duffy told listeners, which wasn't true, as I had earlier informed a Liveline researcher that what I'd written was all I had to say on the matter and that I'd no intention of getting into a slanging match with anyone about my comments.

My reviewing colleagues obviously felt likewise, which meant that Duffy was left wondering aloud for 40 minutes about why we'd all been so unkind to RTE's Antarctic adventurer -- a question to which neither he nor a bemused Bird had any answer.

At the end, and seemingly unaware of its impact, he replayed that morning's 2fm skit on Bird's polar antics, which was far more vicious -- and funny -- than anything the critics had written. And so, as it turned out, there'd been no need to talk to Joe: Nob Nation had done it for me.

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