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'I've met plenty of celebs, but Kate left me star-struck' reveals Anna Daly


Anna Daly

Anna Daly

Anna Daly

Anna Daly

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

STAR POWER: Actress Kate Winslet poses with her star  on the Walk  of Fame in  LA and

STAR POWER: Actress Kate Winslet poses with her star on the Walk of Fame in LA and



Anna Daly

BUBBLY Anna Daly is an old hand when it comes to chatting with big-name celebs, but even she struggled to keep her cool when she met Kate Winslet

Ireland AM's roving reporter has a path worn to London to interview famous faces. But she said it's not always as glamorous as it sounds.

Despite having a list of interviews with A-Listers under her belt, meeting Kate Winslet left her star-struck.

"Kate was always one of the people I looked up to and admired," she revealed. "I got to interview her recently and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't overwhelmed when I walked into the room to see her sitting there."

The 34 year old mum of two toddlers met the Titanic star just after she had given birth.

"Kate had just had a baby and to be honest she had that look of just having had a baby," said Anna.

"I mean that in the kindest way possible because I've been there."

Curvy former model Anna has spoken bluntly about her post- baby figure and how she feels no pressure at all to lose her baby weight.

"I don't feel pressure to look a certain way," she previously told the Herald, "if I felt any pressure I'd be skinny.

"I've had two kids recently and my body shape has changed. I probably do need to lose a few pounds but it's not something that keeps me up at night by any means," she said.

Coming face-to-face with people from the silver screen hasn't lost its appeal the TV3 presenter said.

"It's always a surreal moment. It doesn't matter how many celebrities you meet. There's still the novelty factor for sure, going to interviews," she said. Next on her list is Irish Hollywood star Liam Neeson, and actresses Helen Mirren and Cameron Diaz.

The bubbly presenter revealed recently that she would like her own chat show, and said that it would ideally be something along the lines of an Ireland PM.

"Something with a bit more time, a bit slower in pace and a bit risque.

"Something where you're not being too cautious about what you say," she told a women's magazine.

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